Annual Beginning of Book (BOB) Contest Winners

ANWA's Annual BOB Contest is open to all ANWA Time Out for Writers conference attendees, published or unpublished. BOB stands for “Beginning of Book,” meaning the first 500 words of a manuscript. All entries must be original and not previously accepted for publication or production at the time of submission.

ANWA is proud to announce:

The 2016 BOB Contest Winners!

Grand Prize Winner

Elizabeth Dorathy      Speculative Category                 Greater Good


Children’s Picture Book/Chapter Book

1st       Amelia Kynaston                                           Picky Patty                 

2nd      DeAnn Huff                                                  The Prince and the Spyglass                                     


Non-Fiction/Historical/Memoir/General Fiction

1st       Paige Edwards                                             The Countess's Trust                     

2nd      Amelia Kynaston                                           I Will Run                     


Middle Grade

1st       Elizabeth Dorathy                                          Pie Boy                                                        

2nd      Jess Gulbrandsen                                          Bubba T. Jones: Southern Fried Witch Hunter                                   

3rd       Cindy Williams                                              No Such Thing As Goblins                                                         


Young Adult

1st       Rebecca Gage                                              Stealing Cinderella       

2nd      Torsha Baker                                               Magic Cursed

3rd       Paula (PJ) Switzer                                        The Cold Place


Speculative (Science Fiction/Fantasy/Dystopia)

1st       Tara Mayoros                                              Vagabond

2nd      Torsha Baker                                              Dream Walker Division

3rd       Susan Allred                                               Gabriel


Romance/Women’s Fiction

1st       Nichole D. Evans                                         Chasing Tesla

2nd      Tacy Stine                                                  Saving Serena                            

3rd        Chanda Simper                                          Fallen Stars      


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