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American Night Writers Association (ANWA) is a unique professional organizations for LDS writers. ANWA helps writers of all levels and genres, published and unpublished, by matching them up with a critique group. Our purpose is to encourage, assist, educate, and motivate members to write, and, if they desire, to publish their works.


What's New | August 2016

Deb Eaton - ANWA Executive President

We're excited to announce that the general membership ratified the inclusion of LDS men to ANWA membership at the 2016 ANWA Writers Conference!  We hope you will help spread the word and invite potential new members to come check us out.  Right now we are in the process of forming an online Coed group, and have 2 new Coed groups in the Phoenix Valley. 

Many thanks to Nana Marie Swapp & all those on the Conference Committee, as well as the Board of Directors, who worked so hard to bring us an inspiring, productive and fun Writers Conference.  Look for exciting announcements about the 2017 ANWA Writers Conference coming soon!

There are tons of great reasons to join ANWA.  If you'd like to be involved in a chapter or online critique group, network with amazing, writerly people, be uplifted, motivated and inspired in your writing goals, then join today!

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Official Song

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  • CourtingCassandry
  • DanishRose_cover
  • Duchess-cover
  • HeartStrings_cover
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  • Inge_cover
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  • Live_Love_Repeat_cover
  • Ring_of_Remaliha
  • ScatteringStars
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