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Brigitte Lawson

Pen Name: Didi Lawson

Everybody needs a little romance in their lives

Donna Fuller

Donna Gustainis Fuller

Writer's Block:  When your imaginary friends stop talking to you!

Donna Hatch

Donna Hatch

Pen Name: Donna Hatch

Believe in Happily Ever After

Donna K. Weaver

Donna K. Weaver

Bringing a little adventure/suspense to your clean romance.

Emily Bates

Emily H. Bates

Pen Name: Indigo Wood

Grace Naegle

Grace Naegle

Pen Name: Damien Lynch

Damien Lynch invites you into a world of crime, intrigue, and hilarity in his original themed Mystery Games.  

Heidi Murphy

Heidi L. Murphy

Pen Name: H. Linn Murphy, Indigo Chase




Heidi Tucker

Heidi Tucker

A good story can not only teach an important principle, but make us feel it.

Jan Martin

Jan M. Martin

"Clean novels off the beaten path."


Janette Rallison

Janette Rallison

Pen Name: CJ Hill, Sierra St. James

Jean Nahomni Mani

Jean M. Nahomni Mani

Pen Name: Jean Harmon

Native American author, Jean Nahomni Mani, writes about ancient Dakota stories and contemporary mystery/thriller books.

Jeanie R Davis

Jeanie R. Davis

Pen Name: Jeanie R. Davis

Jennifer Griffith

Jennifer Griffith

Jennifer Griffith's big goal is to write what she calls "Cotton Candy for the Soul:" light, sweet, gone. We need more escapist fiction that's clean and happy and leaves us feeling good. Every good book ends with a kiss, and while her books might not change your life forevah, she hopes they give you a nice little diversion on the sofa or the beach.


Jennifer Moore

Jennifer Moore

Joan Enders

Joan Enders

Pen Name: Joan Enders

 "She is too fond of books, and it has addled her brain." -Louisa May Alcott



The Star Prophecy

Joan Sowards

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